General Warm Up

Drawing in Maneuver

    1. tuck navel in towards the spine, this action can be experienced when trying to fit into a tight pair of pants

Abdominal Bracing

1. squeeze the glutes as well as pelvic floor muscles, this action can be experienced while trying to control the bladder.

Posterior Pelvic Tilting

1. lie down supine, tilt pelvis posteriorly to ensure the spine is thoroughly in contact with the ground.


    1.  begin in a quadruped position, engage Core and extend both legs back such that the weight of the body is balanced on toes and hands
2. ensure the spine is neutral

Toe Touch & Squat

1. Sit into a deep squat
2. Hold toes with fingers
3. Extend Knees and Hip

Squat Rotation

1. Sit into a deep squat
2.Rotate thoracic spine By extending arm behind
3. Repeat from the other side

World’s Greatest Stretch

1. Get into a plank
2. Place one foot next to the hand
3. Rotate the thoracic spine by extending the arm next to the foot behind
4. Repeat on the other side

Cobra to Mountain

Procedure: From plank, push down into cobra, tuck toes in and move hips up toward the ceiling to mountain pose, ensure that the spine is neutral.

Cat – Cow

Procedure: From quadruped position, Round the spine towards the ceiling and slowly arch the back, wrists should be aligned with shoulders and knees should be aligned with the hips.