Board of Certification

The Fitclub Academy (TFA) Board of Certification (BC) is an autonomous body within TFA to set standards, skills and practices required towards creating and administering credentials offered by TFA. Members of TFA BC determine and are not limited the following rights:

  1. Development of Task Definition through practice analysis
  2. Create and review tasks elements within the profession
  3. set scope as per ISO 17024 / QCI norms
  4. Exam Outline, Development and Administration
  5. Development of Exam forms
  6. Eligibility and Recertification Requirements towards the certification
  7. Setting standards towards gaining the certification
  8. Disciplinary Requirements and Special considerations.

Board of Certification Committee

Dr Zuber Shaikh

Dr. Zuber Shaikh, PT

Chair, TFA Board of Certification
With years of clinical experience in Rehabilitation and corrective exercise, Dr. Zuber holds a masters degree in Physiotherapy and is currently pursuing the NSCA - CSCS Certification
Sahytya Jain

Sahytya Jain

Member, TFA Board of Certification
Spending over 6 years in Yoga Practice, Sahytya is a successful Dance, Yoga, Group Fitness & Personal Trainer. Sahytya's Expertise in coaching technique and methodology have proven success in his career as an Exercise Physiologist
Usha Rao

Usha Rao

Member, TFA Board of Certification
A Group Exercise Specialist and Subject matter expert. Usha presents Indoor Cycling nationally at CULT-TREAD and is the only Warrior Rhythm Master Trainer in Asia

Ethics Committee

Shivashankar Photograph

Shivashankar BR

Member, Ethics Committee
Director of BR Machine Tools Pvt Ltd, Mr Shivashankar has worked with countless charitable organisations and has years of philanthropic work experience.
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