Examination Rules

  1. Copying or sharing questions shared in the exam by any means are against TFA's code of ethics and may result to revocation of certification.
  2. Any breach of the exam report will be audited by TFA Board of Certification. 
  3. Decision made by the TFA Board of Certification & Ethics Committee will be final. 
  4. Use  of  Calculator:  During  preparation  of  exam,  Utmost  care  has  been  taken  to  ensure  candidate should not require any Calculator to answer the questions.
  5. DO NOT try to copy 
  6. DO NOT open any other tab or window, during the exam.   •
  7. DO NOT attempt to google out answers or deviate from the current browser tab 
  8. DO NOT use any other electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc. during the exam. 
  9. DO not use earphones or headphones  
  10. DO  NOT  use  email  or  any  other  communication
  11. DO NOT leave the exam window in‐between the exam. 
  12. DO NOT talk or speak or read the questions/ answers loudly during exam.
  13. DO NOT allow for any disturbance in the exam room  
  14. DO NOT look away from the webcam unnecessarily  
  15. NO one else should be present in the exam room  
  16. Using devices of any kind are against TFA's policies as mentioned in the student handbook and will lead to permanent disqualification from appearing for further TFA Examinations.
  17. Candidates should appear for the exam in a well lit environment, with no distracting tools or objects which may conceal any information.
  18. Earphones, Headphones, pencils, erasers, scrap sheet are strictly prohibited.
  19. Candidates are being recorded from the time of examination and shall be subject to review before issuing certification credentials. If found for malpractice, results shall be cancelled and candidates shall be banned from appearing for further TFA certifications.
  20. No breaks allowed upon commencement of examination.

TFA Board of certification wishes you best of luck.

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