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The TFA Fitness Nutrition Specialist Course is a 13 hour face to face course followed by a self study course and assessment. This course provides the health and fitness professional with adequate information to guide their participants in with healthy food choices within their scope of practice.

NASM, AFAA & ACE Approved

Course Includes

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Course Learning Objectives

  1. Identify Dietary Reference Intake Values, Macronutrients and Micronutrients.
  2. Explain the structure of Carbohydrates
  3. Explain Dietary Recommendations for Carbohydrates
  4. Explain the chemical structure of dietary fats
  5. Identify Classifications of Fats
  6. Explain Dietary Recommendations for Fats
  7. Explain the chemical structure of proteins (1*, 2* 3* 4* Amino Acids)
  8. Identify Classifications of Proteins
  9. Explain Dietary Recommendations for Proteins
  10. Identify Hydration recommendations
  11. Identify major Micronutrients and it's effects on exercise performance
  12. Identify how Ergogenic Aids effect exercise performance
  13. Understand the process of Weight Management
  14. Identify nutritional requirements for Endurance and Strength athletes
  15. Explain common Eating Disorders
  16. Understand the Role and Scope of Fitness Professionals in Nutrition
  17. Understand how to find National and International guidelines in Nutrition (ICMR, USDA and ISSN)

Meet our Presenters


Vinay Shankar

Human Movement Scientist and Adjunct Professor
MS - Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology, EREPS Master Trainer, NSCA TSAC-F, NETA - CPT, GEI, ACE - CPT, AFAA - GFI
Shubhag Rao

Shubhag Rao

Sports Scientist
MSc(c) High Performance Strength & Conditioning, ACE - CPT
Maxwell Huberman Picture-min (1)

Max Huberman

Exercise Physiologist
BS - Exercise Science, MS - Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology, NSCA - CSCS
Evan O Gillentine

Evan Gillentine

Exercise Physiologist
MS - Exercise Physiology & Kinesiology, BS - Exercise Science

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to Achieve the Fitness Nutrition Specialist Credential, the following criteria must be met:

  1. complete attendance of the course
  2. completion of individual assignments
  3. completion of oath, quiz and summative examination.

If any criteria is not met, mediations shall be offered.

Eligibility Requirements for the role of “Fitness Nutrition Specialist” as decided by the TFA Board of Certification are as follows:
- Above 18 Years of Age
- Class 12/ 2nd PU Pass in any stream

If you do not meet this criteria, you may contact the TFA Board at and file an appeal

TFA Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist Credentials do not have any expiry.

We offer face to face teaching support and ensure all our learners understand practical applications as well as theoretical concepts. Our faculty are highly educated with formal education in Exercise Sciences at top ranked global universities.

We take pride in the fact that we have succeeded in shaping group exercise instructors in creating lasting programs for their participants

The Fitness Nutrition Specialist Credential is a pathway to deeper conceptual learning. This course definitely sets the path to our GFI and CFT Credentials which is offered at a discount with this course. The TFA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Fitness Trainer credential ensures competency of the certificant, and ensures the certificant is well versed in all professional practices of their job role.

Our Certificates are Blockchain Backed 100% Digital credentials powered by, view a sample certificate here:

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