Functional Training Specialist – Online June 24 to July 2


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Course Inclusions:
  1. 4 Day/ 2 Weekend live online workshop on zoom (4:30 PM IST to 9 PM IST or 7 AM ET to 11:30 AM ET)
  2. Hard Copy Manuals (Mailed to your doorstep)
  3. Digital Review Modules
  4. CPR AED and First Aid Certification by KnowCPR
  5. Hard Copy Certificate of Completion (mailed to your doorstep)
Certification Criteria:
  1. Complete attendance of the course
  2. Completion of individual program design assignment and team task activity
  3. Active participation in practicals
  4. Demonstrate correct cueing technique
  5. Completion of all online assignments
  6. Valid CPR AED certification (included in this course bundle)
If any criteria is not met, mediations shall be offered.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn and Understand all Functional Movement Patterns of Human Movement
  • Identify Acute Variables of a Fitness Program such as Repetitions, Sets, Rest Periods and Tempo to Achieve Muscular Strength, Muscular Development and Local Muscular Endurance
  • Demonstrate and Incorporate the “R.A.M.P.” Model of Warm-up.
  • Learn to Incorporate Principles of Periodization, Supercompensation, General Adaptation Syndrome and Overload to create a split program.
  • Learn to creater appropriate Goals for Accumulation, Transmutation and Realization Phases of a Training Cycle
  • Understand the various pathways of ATP Production through Direct Phosphorylation, Fast Glycolysis and Slow Oxidative Glycolysis.
  • Apply understanding of metabolic pathways with cardiorespiratory zones
  • Develop appropriate Work to Rest Intervals between cardiorespiratory training bouts.
  • Develop appropriate selection of exercise sequencing within a training session.
  • Learn correct execution and cueing techniques of Class Presentation
  • Design 5 Different Fitness formats, Namely: Bootcamp, HIIT, Resistance for Local Muscular Endurance, Resistance for Muscle Development, Mobility.
  • Create Small Group Offerings
  • Create long term progress within an exercise program by using the rule of twos.
ACE: 1.9 CECs, NASM 1.8 CEUs, AFAA 15 CEUs

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